Diesel Electronic Governor Engine Control Module Generator Auto Spare Parts Electromagnetic Adjustable Diesel Engine Speed Motor Controller Eg2000

Diesel Electronic Governor Engine Control Module Generator Auto Spare Parts Electromagnetic Adjustable Diesel Engine Speed Motor Controller Eg2000

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Diesel Genset Pace Governor EG2000  

Specification of Kutai Speed Governor EG2000

Functioning Voltage: Voltage 12 or 24 Vdc +/-twenty%

Output Recent : Current .5 to fifteen A

Run Speed Adjustment assortment: Speed adjustment Potentiometer (30 flip), DIP Swap selection of MPU frequency selection : 600 to 9500 Hz

IDLE Velocity Adjustment Range: Operate Pace thirty to 85%

Ramp Time: 3 to twenty Secs.

Remote Speed Potentiometer: Ext. Distant pace pot terminal 6, 7, 8 (ILS) and 6, seven, 9 connect a 5K ohms

potentiometer +/- 5% adjustment variety.

Operate Speed Balance : Less than +/ – 0.25% at continual stateat

MPU Input signal : 1 to 120 Vac

Droop: four%


Run Pace, IDLE Speed, Ramp Time, Droop,

PID options : Gain, Integration (INT.), Differentiation (DIF.)

Temperature Balance: Considerably less than .01%

Dimensions: 147. (L) x 114. (W) x 50. (H) mm

Bodyweight: 690 g +/- two%

Operate Descriptions of Kutai Engine Velocity Governor EG2000

The Kutai EG2000 is an electronic speed controller made for precise velocity control of diesel, and gasoline / petrol engines. The EG2000 installed together with a magnetic pickup / MPU and an actuator from the enginer governor assembly.

The EG2000 has adjustable idle speed and also adjustable gas limilting function for controlling engine smoke and vibration during start.

Controller Procedure for Kutai Motor Governor EG2000

The Kutai EG2000 Controller gets the engine speed sign from a magnetic pickup. This rotational velocity is compared with the setting in the EG2000 and any variation results in an output to the actuator to modify the pace. DIP Switch options on the EG2000 are utilized to select the frequency selection for the MPU.

The EG2000 gets its electrical power from the motor batteries or from an AC to DC power provide rated at 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc (+-20%) to match the actuator voltage.


Merchandise Identify Electricity Max Speed Manage Device EG2000 For Generator
Doing work Voltage 12 or 24 VDC ±20%
Output Recent Selection .5-15A
Speed Sensor Signal .five-120V RMS
Temperature Variety -40~85C
Ralative Humidity <95%
Velocity Variety 1K-7.5K HZ
Velocity Trim Assortment +/-200 HZ


                                                                              ESD series governor
  Functions Merchandise No Description
ESD2200 Series * Isochronous Procedure * Adjustable PID Functions * Pace Trim Enter * Challenging Potted ESD2210-12 or -24 ESD2244-twelve or -24
12 or 24 VDC / CZPT Unit 12 or 24 VDC / CZPT Device
ESD5100 Series * Isochronous, Variable, and Droop

* Adjustable PID Functions

* Speed Trim Enter & Idle Handle

* Auxiliary Enter / +10V Provide

ESD5111 Multi VDC / CZPT Device
ESD5120 Multi VDC / Gentle-Drive (Minimal Recent)
ESD5131 Multi VDC / Selectable Delicate Coupling and Direct Circuit
ESD5500E Series * Isochronous, Variable, & Droop

* Pace Ramping & CZPTting Gasoline

* Comfortable Coupling & Lead Circuit

* Adjustable Idle Manage

* Auxiliary Input / +10V Supply

ESD5500E Multi VDC / CZPT Device
ESD5520E Multi VDC / Light-weight-Drive (Reduced Existing)
ESD5522E Multi VDC / Gentle-Drive (Lower Existing) / Increased Droop/ Smoke Limiting 

Performing (Usually Closed)

ESD5221 * Isochronous, Variable, & Droop

* Adjustable PID Capabilities

* Speed Trim & Idle Handle

* Lead Circuit

* Auxiliary Input / +10V Offer

ESD5221 Multi VDC / Single Factor Pace Switch – Overspeed
ESD5550/ 5570 Series * Isochronous, Variable, & Droop

* Constructed-In Speed Swap – Overspeed

* Velocity Ramping & CZPTting Fuel

* Delicate Coupling & Direct Circuit

*Auxiliary Enter / +10V Offer

ESD5550 Multi VDC / CZPT Unit
ESD5570 Multi VDC / Light-Force (Reduced Present)
ESD5300 Series   ESD5330 24 VDC / CZPT UnitESD5340
  ESD5340 24 VDC / Full-Gasoline CZPTting Aid

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Diesel Electronic Governor Engine Control Module Generator Auto Spare Parts Electromagnetic Adjustable Diesel Engine Speed Motor Controller Eg2000