Servo Linear Actuator with 3in1 Mdbox

Servo Linear Actuator with 3in1 Mdbox


Construction, Materials and Characteristic

Compact construction, little dimensions, easy installation and upkeep.

Large precision, large performance, higher functionality,minimal sound, trustworthy, resilient

Cylinder material: aluminium alloy.

*45# metal is optional for extreme thrust cylinder or specified situations.

Cylinder rod materials: large-alloy metal,

area chrome plating, antiwear, anti-corrosion.

*SUS304 is optional for Cylinder rod.




Efficiency and Configuration

Internal software of ball screw and roller screw.

Recurring positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm

*Relevant to diverse instances.

Thrust, velocity, stroke and installation can be CZPT.

*Reducer device is optional to drive substantial thrust with modest energy.

Motor is optional to various need.

*AC servo motor, lower voltage servo motor, stepping motor, DC motor, variable frequency motor, etc.


  Specific Procedure

  Include magnet ring inside of, deploy with stroke switch

  Anti rotation mechanism.

  All optional parts can be specified or supplied by client, for e.g.: servo motor, reducer.

Use Variety:

Aerospace check test, multiple levels of independence simulation, multi-DOF dynamic enjoyment, multi-DOF precision machining, robotics, mechanical lifting system, automotive push, auto producing gear, equipment and automated generation strains, steel casting, petrochemical, materials managing , injection molding equipment, mould control, valve management, precision device instruments, pharmaceutical equipment, meals industry and other fields.



Notice: CZPT cylinder is not a standard merchandise,make sure you tell us your distinct requirements for verify.



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Servo Linear Actuator with 3in1 Mdbox