January 19, 2021

Unique Notes
1. The electrical power unit is of S3 duty, which can only be worked intermittently,i.e. 1minute on and 9 minutes off.
two. Clean all of the hydraulic parts concerned before installation of the power unit.
three. Viscosity of your hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which ought to also be clean and free of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is advisable .
4. Check the oil level while in the tank soon after the original operation of the power unit.
five. Oil modifying is needed following the original one hundred operation hrs, afterwards as soon as each and every 3000 hrs.

Common Description
This energy unit is deigned for all those dock levellers which need to have floating ramps with an emergency end function. The ramp will rise when the pump is operating.The lip will expend instantly when the ramp cylinder finishes its stroke. The ramp cylinder will retract when the pump stops operating. An emergency end is going to be realized though the solenoid valve is energized. The lowering speed of the two the ramp as well as the lip is adjusted from the needle valves during the program.