December 28, 2020

The smallest chain complying to ANSI is 25 of 6.35 mm pitch. Nevertheless, in response towards the demands for smaller chains in recent years for higher engineering machinery such as office gear, healthcare machines and industrial robots, we supply 15 of 4.7625 mm (3/16 inch) pitch as well as 15H1 as a high-power model of 15. These substantial precision chains are manufactured under extreme top quality control specifically expected for tiny sizes, taking put on resistance also into account.
Selection of chain
Refer on the “Low-speed selection”. On the other hand, the chain operation speed might be set substantially large depending on the kind of lubrication as proven inside the table below.
Connecting links and offset backlinks
R connecting backlinks are made use of for modest pitch chains. Having said that, considering the fact that their power is lower than that in the base chain, and since the clip is more likely to come off in substantial speed operation, the usage of connecting links will not be recommended. Use a loop chain with no attaching connecting back links.
Offset links are available for chains other than 15 and 15H1, but their use will not be advisable to the identical explanation as stated for your R Connecting hyperlinks.
Operating velocity and sort of lubrication
15: A high precision mini-pitch bushing chain that is certainly smaller sized than a compact drive chain for basic applications, 25
25: Smallest bushing chain amongst ANSI conventional chains employing curl bushings.
35: A ANSI standard bushing chain ideal for smaller precision machines that demand substantial power.