Electromagnetic Stirrer for Slab

Electromagnetic Stirrer for Slab

Full EMS System Configuration

EMS consists of coil&comma electric powered controller and cooling water program&comma electrical management technique consists of IPC&comma regional manage cabinet and inverter cupboard&period


A new algorithm has been developed by KEMEIDA and GL electromagnetic subject software program Co&interval&comma names AGILD EM stirring algorithm&comma which makes use of new strip magnetic discipline differential integral equation&time period
This computer software can design electromagnetic parameters optimized&interval EMS shall be with high magnetic induction and stirring drive&period So stirring result shall be wonderful&period of time
Stirring pressure can be calculated by this software according to various frequency and current&period So the very best frequency and recent can be provided for consumer&time period
Optimized layout shall be carried out for L&Marketed&interval Iron core length shall be improved properly&period So stirring influence shall be improved&period
Kemeida has also other software for planning F-EMS to estimate ideal position of F-EMS&period of time
Kemeida EMS employs lower voltage and huge recent&comma which can steer clear of hurt of peak voltage to insulation&period It shall make reduce current leakage and prolong EMS existence&period
Frequency prepare shall be widened to select the ideal frequency&period
Set EMS reduced effectively to make magnetic discipline around meniscus as tiny as feasible to ensure strong magnetic discipline&time period

Metallurgical Effect


&lpar1&rpar&period  Improving sub-surface and inner good quality of steel

Boost equiaxed zone&semi

Lessen central segregation&comma porosity and shrinkage effectiveness &semi

Decrease air holes&comma

pinholes and inclusion in the area and subsurface&semi

Make area temperature of slab symmetrical

Minimize interior cracks&semi

&lpar2&rpar&period Chill out constant casting generation situation

Superheating ratio&semi

Caster centering&semi

&lpar3&rpar&interval Expending metal quality

Rimming metal&semi

Free slicing steel&semi

Ball bearing metal

CZPT high quality steel and so on&semi

Slab casting

Travelling discipline is adopted for Slab casting
Principle of travelling area is similar to linear motor&comma the slab performs as the rotor of the motor to kind the travelling area EMS&time period

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. for Model Assortment

one&period Arc radius of CCM&comma Strand space&comma pulling speed&period
2&time period Parameters of Mould&interval
three&period Metal grade&comma Cross segment&interval
four&time period Power phase&interval

Package deal

Electromagnetic Stirrer for Slab