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Y, YKS, YKK series higher-voltage cage a few-period asynchronous motors

1. Overview
Y, YKS, YKK sequence medium and big high voltage cage a few-section asynchronous motors have twelve middle heights from H355 to H1250. The business adopts innovative technology at residence and overseas, by means of a mature and reliable design and style and production system, and brings together the company’s several several years of medium and large higher voltage The new series of products created by the expertise of AC motor manufacturing have the benefits of higher effectiveness, lower sound, reduced vibration, high reliability and handy installation and upkeep.
The electricity quality and set up proportions of this series of motors comply with my country’s expectations and the CZPT Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC specifications, and can be employed as a complete set of export tools and a substitute for imported goods.
This sequence of motors can be utilized to push various basic equipment these kinds of as fans, pumps, compressors and other mechanical gear, and are commonly utilized in electrical power, equipment, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises.

two. Implementation specifications
GB 755 Rotating Motor Ranking and Functionality
GB/T 1993 Rotating electric powered device cooling technique
GB 10068 The measurement, analysis and limits of mechanical vibration of motors with a shaft centre height of 56mm and over
GB/T0069.one Rotating Equipment Noise Measurement Approach and Boundaries Element 1: Rotating Equipment Measurement Technique
GB 10069.3 Rotating Machine Noise Measurement Strategy and Limits Part three: Noise Boundaries
CZPT situations of GB/T13957 large a few-section asynchronous motor simple series
JB/T7593 Y sequence substantial voltage 3-period asynchronous motor complex circumstances (body dimensions 355~630)
JB/ T 10446 Y sequence 10kV a few-section asynchronous motor complex problems (body dimensions 450~630)
JB/T1571.1YKS, YKS-W, YQF sequence large-voltage 3-section asynchronous motor complex circumstances (body size 355~630)
JB/T 1571.2 YKK, YKK-W collection large-voltage 3-section asynchronous motor complex problems (frame dimension 355~630)

three. Basic complex parameters
Power assortment: 18.five-25000KW
Variety of poles: 2P-16P
Rated electricity 380V-thirteen.8KV (6KV and 10KV parameters are shown in the data sheet, and can also be manufactured into 3kV, 6.6KV, 11KV, 13.8KV)
Rated frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ
Insulation class: F
Defense stage: IP23, IP44, IP54
Cooling technique: IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616, IC666
Installation strategy: IMB3
Quota: SI (operate program)
Four, complex characteristics and framework kind

four.one This sequence of motors adopts a box construction, the frame is welded from steel plates into a box shape, mild excess weight, and good rigidity. A protecting best cover or cooler is set up on the prime of the motor to aid the heat dissipation, set up and maintenance of the motor.
4.two The stator adopts an external press-match composition, and the stator and rotor are punched from minimal-reduction non-oriented chilly-rolled silicon steel sheets. The stator winding is manufactured of F-class insulation material, which has powerful insulation withstand voltage and anti-corona capability. The winding ends are reliably fixed and tied, and are handled with vacuum force impregnation solvent-totally free paint (VPI) process, so the motor insulation overall performance Exceptional and reliable, high mechanical power, powerful moisture resistance and prolonged provider daily life.
four.3 The rotor cage bar can be made of cast aluminum or copper according to efficiency parameters or person requirements. Amid them, the forged aluminum cage bar and the conclude ring are integrally cast by centrifugal to make certain the mechanical strength and avoid the cage bar from breaking for the duration of the motor operation the copper bar rotor is produced of substantial-quality copper material, and the cage bar is welded with the conclude ring by intermediate frequency welding. The welding quality is excellent. Substantial energy, and via the fastening procedure in the groove, greatly decrease the phenomenon of broken copper bars.
four.four The bearing adopts two varieties of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. It is determined by the energy and pace of the motor. Its security degree is IP44, IP54 or IP55. The rolling bearing is equipped with a non-end oil injection and drainage system, which is simple for users to use and maintain.
four.5 The primary junction box is positioned on the appropriate side of the motor (considered from the extension stop of the main shaft), or it can be placed on the left aspect in accordance to user needs. Individual floor terminals are offered inside of and exterior the junction box.
4.6 According to user needs, temperature measurement products can be included to important components this sort of as stator windings and bearings to aid on-web site observation and remote monitoring to make certain secure and reliable operation of the motor.

five. Conditions of use
five.one Ambient air temperature: -fifteen ºC~40ºC
five.two Altitude: not much more than 1000m
five.three Rated frequency: 50HZ, allowable frequency deviation ±2%
five.four During rated procedure, the allowable voltage deviation is ±5%. (It can run at ±10% beneath the situations of 7.three in GB 755)
6, model description
Example Y KK 630 – 4 W
Squirrel cage three-section asynchronous motor out of doors (environmental code)
                                                                           Number of poles
Cooling technique (air-air cooling) Motor shaft center height

Indicating of environmental code:
W-outside anti-gentle corrosion type WF1- outdoor anti-medium corrosion type WF2-outside anti-sturdy corrosion type F-indoor anti-light corrosion type F1-indoor anti-medium corrosion type F2-indoor anti-corrosion sort TH-humid tropical home Interior sort THW-Soaked tropical outside kind TA-Dry tropical indoor kind TAW-Dry tropical out of doors variety
7, purchasing recommendations

7.one Before placing an buy, please refer to the solution catalog of this series to clarify the essential item product, requirements and other knowledge. If there is any discrepancy amongst the required types and technical specs, you should speak to the organization quickly.
7.two The motor design, rated energy, synchronous velocity, rated voltage, rated frequency, protection degree, rotation direction, set up variety, etc. should be indicated when purchasing.
7.3 The technological data and proportions in the sample are only for reference when the user selects the model. The formal info must be offered by the company soon after the agreement or technological arrangement is signed.
seven.4 The specialized information sheet of the sample only lists the related data of motors with rated voltages of 6KV and 10KV. If users need other voltage amounts, the manufacturer can also offer appropriate technical data when ordering.
7.five If you have unique demands, please provide data and indicator the appropriate technical settlement when purchasing.

Electric Motor Electrical Motor  Induction Electric Motor  AC Electric Motor Aluminum Rotor Motor Copper Strip Rotor Motor Fan Motor Pump Motor Motor for Blower