Electric Fence Boom Gate Arm Barrier Motor

Electric Fence Boom Gate Arm Barrier Motor

WEJOIN automated barrier Gate

Merchandise Description

WEJOIN Mid-Grade Servo Barrier Gate WJDZ04SV

DC Brushless Servo Motor

Higher Security, For a longer time Sercive Existence and Simpler Procedure

Growth Variety Assortment

Functions & Features

1). DC long term magnet synchronous motor(PMSM), servo control.
2). The motor has the exact same overall performance as the principal motor of the CNC equipment tool and the electrical automobile motor, it has higher management precision, large torque density, excellent torque harmony, minimal electrical power conaumption, high efficiency and lower noise.
3). Bi-route boom holder style: remaining-installation and right-set up can be exchanged simply and rapidly.
4). Guide clutch design and style: when electrical power-of, change the handwheel a little, then move the growth by hand.
five). CZPT stress spring crank transmission style, for more steady and trustworthy framework.
6). No restrict change design, accurate encoder detection, detecting increase place when electrical power on. And open up/shut speed is adjustable.
7). A lot more delicate and reacting faster when reversing on hurdles.
8). With counting, hold off automobile-closing, and automobile-aging examination perform.
9). four-digit electronic tube exhibit, displays much more info.
ten). NO/NC wire management signal enter are optional.
11). Integrated RS485 interaction, infrared photocell and loop detector interface. RJ45 network, loop detector, and radar module can be additional.



Product WJDZ04SV1 (pace 3~5s adjustable)
Working Velocity 3S 4S 5S 5S 5S 5S
Increase Type Straight Straight Straight 90° Folding 2 Fence 3 Fence
Max Increase Duration four.5M 5M 6M 5M 4.5M 4M
Design WJDZ04SV2 (speed one.five~5s adjustable)
Managing Pace one.5s two/three/four/5s 5s 5s 5s
Boom Variety Straight Straight 90° Folding 2 Fence three Fence
Max Boom Duration three.5m 4.5m-6m 4m four.5m 4m
Housing Dimension 362*325*1030mm
Enter Voltage AC220V±10%,AC110V±10%
Frequency 50/60HZ
Motor Voltage DC310V
Enclosure Ranking IP54
Doing work Temperature -35°C~+85°C
MTBF 4000000 occasions
Traffic Movement Software 3000 instances/24hours
Max Motor Energy 150W
Max Motor Velocity 24r/min
Max Torque



Device Main and Controller


WEJOIN DZ04SV/DZE/DZJ Series Barrier Gate CZPT Assortment Table

Increase Variety

Growth Length


CZPT Diameter

∅ (mm)

Straight Boom CZPT Rubber six ≥ L ≥ 4.8 ∅5.5 + ∅4.5
four.8 > L ≥ 3.5 ∅5.5
3.5 > L ≥ 2.five ∅4.five
Straight Increase with Rubber 6 ≥ L ≥ 5.three ∅6.eight + ∅4.5
5.3 ≥ L ≥ 4.3 ∅5.5 + ∅4.5
four.3 > L ≥ 3.five ∅4.5 + ∅4.five
3.5 > L ≥ 3 ∅5.five
3 > L ∅4.five
Articulated Boom five ≥ L ≥ 4.three ∅5.5 + ∅4.5
4.3 ≥ L ≥ 3 ∅4.five + ∅4.5
3 > L ∅4.5

Fence Increase,


4.five ≥ L ≥ 4.3 ∅6.eight + ∅5.5
4.3 > L ≥ 3.eight ∅6. + ∅5.five
3.8 > L ≥ 3 ∅5.five + ∅4.five
three > L ∅4.five + ∅4.five

Fence Increase,


four ≥ L ≥ 3.8 ∅6.8 + ∅5.five
three.8 > L ≥ 3.three ∅6. + ∅5.5
3.three > L ≥ 2.5 ∅5.five + ∅4.five


CZPT Shade Distinction

∅4.five  ∅5.5  ∅6 ∅6.8
Purple  Blue  Green  Yellow

Optional Components

Packaging & Shipping

Packing Listing

Name Specification Quantity Unit Software
Screw, Nuts, Flat Pad M12*70 2 sets Fixing the growth
Boom Fixing Bar   one pcs Repairing the increase
Increase Holder CZPT Protect   1 sets Optional
Cupboard Correcting Bar   two pcs Correcting the boom
Expansion Screws M16*150 four sets Repairing the increase
Help Put up   one pcs Optional
Radio Emitter   one pcs Optional
Keys   two pcs For cupboard door
Remote Controller   two pcs  
Handbook   1 pcs  

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Electric Fence Boom Gate Arm Barrier Motor